December 2016: Cool Careers

Software Engineer

By Nina Barry

A software engineer is a professional programmer who is skilled, educated, and disciplined in the creation of software. Programming. Many people get a software engineer and a computer programmer confused because they are quite similar. Software engineers develop and create programs. They go over used needs, and design software. Computer programmers receive specifications from software engineers to write the instructions or codes that a computer follows.

Some of the many things that a software engineer does, on a daily basis, are writing software. They also write proposals for big clients. They might be over a team of engineers, if they are qualified to do so. They meet with customers and potential customers. Software engineers even design satellites. Some of the engineers meet with NASA at least once a week. There are a few qualifications to becoming a software engineer. First, you must have a four-year engineering degree. Second, skills in writing are essential. And third, you must have to have excelled skills in math and science. They earn anywhere from $60000-$130000 per year. A Bachelor’s degree is what most engineers have, but to get higher in your career, you may want to consider a Master’s degree.

Computer programmers write and test code to help computer applications and software programs to function properly. They must be experts in the computer languages C++ (an extension of C language) and Java (used to create complete applications). They earn $70000-$110000 per year. Most programmers have a Bachelor’s degree. All in all these are both great jobs that will provide a successful future.



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