December 2016: Crazy Crimes!

By Jordan Eulate

I know you have heard of the usual crimes committed on the news, but have you heard of these crazy crimes?

In Ohio, a man broke into a home, Tamara Henderson’s. This was not any average break-in. The Ohio man, Terry Tent, started putting up Christmas decorations. Henderson’s son walked in on Terry and there were candles lit in the kitchen and on the coffee table. Trent was trying his best to impress the 11 year-old boy house he had just broken into. Say what?!?!

Philip Joseph Smolinsky attacked his girlfriend. Guess what he attacked her with? A banana! When Philip was questioned, he claimed that his girlfriend had thrown the banana at him. He was found guilty when a banana was spotted next to the trash can and banana peels on the ground near the “crime scene.”

Speaking of bananas, in Newington, Connecticut, a man broke into a gas station, stole a banana, ate the banana and drove away like he didn’t just steal it. This fruit thief didn’t even try to cover up his face! He was never charged.

You won’t believe where this next crime happened…in a toy store! A sweet, old grandmother decided to take her grandson to the toy store; but when the grandmother refused to buy a toy, things got out of hand. The 11 year-old decided he was going to settle things by smacking his grandmother in the stomach. Luckily, grandma was able to escape before he punched her again. The boy was then taken into police custody. The grandmother is still frightened by her grandson.

Those were some whacky crimes, right? All together, we have a banana attack, a fruit thief, and a toy store fight. What’s next? Someone breaks out of jail with a donut or someone tries to rob a bank with a toothpick and a shovel?

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