December 2016: Editorial – New Calendar?

By Emma Tennent

Did you guys notice any changes in this year’s calendar from last year’s? Well, even if you didn’t notice it, there was. Although there isn’t a major difference, this school year is still not the same.

There are plenty of positive things about these small changes. For example, one positive change is last year we didn’t get the following Monday off after fall break. That extra Monday a fun day off for us students, but for the teachers, it’s a training day. On that day, the teachers need to prepare for parent teacher conferences. I asked two students if they would prefer this year’s or last year’s calendar. “This year’s because we get more breaks throughout the year,” said eighth grader Zoe Thomas. Seventh grader Kobe Anderson said, “I would rather have this year’s calendar because we got that Wednesday off with Thanksgiving break.”

As far as the negatives go, on winter break we still get the two full weeks off, but we come back on the Thursday. The next negative was that we started school two numerical days earlier than we normally do and we will end school four numerical days later. This is because of those extra six extra days off throughout the school year. While this isn’t a huge deal, every student would agree with me when I say it feels a lot longer.

There are a couple things that haven’t changed at all. For instance, we still get an hour early release on Wednesdays. We also still get three breaks; one week for fall and spring break, and two for winter.

In all, this year hasn’t changed that much; just those little bits and pieces have changed. If you like these changes, email the school board and let them know that you love the new schedule for the school year. The school board always loves to hear student feedback.


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