December 2016: Braces are a Pain for a Reason

By Connor Florio

Braces, the metal brackets and wires that are glued to most of Greenfield Junior High students’ teeth. Although braces are a very relatable topic, some of the following points will help others understand what a pain they really are.

Braces are meant to fix jawlines, overbites, underbites, and “perfect” a person’s mouth. And yet, even though some people may try their best to not break, or move their braces, it wouldn’t matter, because braces could even damage your teeth. “My sister lost her tooth because of the glue used to hold her braces,” says Tyler Ehly. Yet, he also notes that they are still worth having.

In order for braces to help and not hurt you need to take good care of them and follow most of the rules. When you have braces on, you’re given a list of foods you can no longer have until they are taken off. But, what they don’t tell you is that with care you can still have some foods. One of these, would be gum. If careful enough, the minty, flavorful, stickiness won’t get stuck in your teeth. Although, there are still some other foods that are more difficult. An almond, or any kind of tree nut, moved a bracket every time I had one, personally. Another food that most people may be upset about is popcorn, this food, luckily, can still be eaten, with care.

Now, after all the canker sores, adjustments, rubber bands, and almost two years, give or take, you get them off. You probably thought they would be stuck with you forever. Then you get them off and you can eat anything your stomach can handle. Did it hurt getting them on? Well, it’s going to hurt getting braces off too. And since you’ve grown used to feeling of metal in your mouth, it may feel weird and unusual to walk out the doors of the orthodontist without them.

After explaining some of the issues braces create and what they feel like, maybe those that don’t have braces, understand a bit more of what it is like to have braces. Have a great time wearing them.



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