December 2016: Reviews – Flipside

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere fun with your friends to hang out? Well, Flipside Entertainment Center is the perfect place for that! Flipside has tons of amenities for people of any age. Flipside gives you access to 28 luxury bowling lanes, a mini- bowling area, a huge game room, and a fantastic cafe. George Sasek, the cafe manager had a few things to say. “The pizza that we make at Flipside comes from a recipe that I have used for 40 years. It is real quality food that we make here and you can taste the effort that the whole staff puts into it.” The Flipside Roundtrip Cafe also produces amazing club sandwiches and pretzel bites.

Teens seem to love the not- so- typical game room. Flipside’s game room has bumper cars, a laser maze and laser tag, which is most popular among teens. The laser tag room includes light up laser tag vests, crazy places to hide, all in a two story room. Make sure you remember to bring socks though, they’re required. You can get a three hour attraction pass for $21 per person with unlimited attractions. The best deal pass for $24, it’s a six hour pass with unlimited attractions and bowling. Bowling at Flipside is a good price. You can bowl one person for $14 per hour, two people for $28 per hour, or three plus people for $42 per hour.

Flipside is a family friendly place run by owner Nate Crane and general manager Nate Hirni. It’s open every day of the week from 12 in the afternoon on weekdays until about ten at night. On the weekends, Flipside opens at about ten in the morning until mid- afternoon. All in all, Flipside is an amazing place to hang out with your friends and family!

By Lauren Miller

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