December 2016: He Said/She Said…

By Marianne Wood

As the holidays draw closer, everyone is anticipating the two week break. But wouldn’t the holidays be jollier if we had an even longer vacation? We wanted to know who would prefer year round school v. the standard schedule. Let’s find out what HE SAID, SHE SAID…


ryanRyan Burnau (8): “I would choose year round because you get longer breaks over the holidays and during the school year.”

reedReed Shuey (7): “I would choose the normal schedule because you have a long break to look forward to for summer.”

powellMr. Powell: “I like the normal schedule, there are more breaks, and students will forget the math they’ve learned.”


delanieDelanie Owens (8): “I would prefer year round because I have a friend that likes it. I would prefer no school, though.”

michelleMichelle Bump (7): “I like the normal schedule because I like the long summers.”

hammondMs. Hammond: “I like the normal schedule because I like visiting my relatives in New Jersey over the summer.”

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