December 2016: OMG?!

On May 13, 2016 Gentry Maughan took a huge fall. Three weeks before the end of her 7th grade year she went to Salt Lake City, Utah. After arriving, she decided to go for a ride on her long board around the property. Right where she was staying, there was an extremely steep street that led down to a moose statue at an intersection.

Gentry wanted to go to the park but it was down at the end of that street. As she is sitting at the top of the street, she thinks to herself “skate or die.” Her foot pushes off and gets an enormous amount of speed. She also didn’t have a helmet on. The speed increased at a continuous speed as she keeps moving. Gentry sees the moose statue and immediately changes direction. She then hits a curbs and gets knocked out by the impact for a few seconds. Gentry then uses Siri to call her Mom, who didn’t pick up.  A random man, found her and called 911.

She was in the hospital for three days. Her pelvis was fractured in two places, and her sacrum also. Gentry also had a concussion, two very badly cut knees, scraped up elbows, and bleeding everywhere including her eye. She had to use a wheelchair for three and one half months. Gentry also had to use a walker for a long time after. But don’t worry, Gentry now knows to wear a helmet!

By Roxy Pepper

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