December 2016: Reviews – The Gilmore Girls on Netflix

By Lauren Hutchins

Looking for a hilarious, dramatic, amazing show on Netflix? Then look no further than The Gilmore Girls! This TV-14 rated show is about a single mom named Lorelai Gilmore, her daughter, Rory Gilmore, and their exciting lives in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. The mother and daughter are best friends who face many complications in their friendship.

Each Friday, Lorelai and Rory go to dinner in Hartford with Lorelai’s parents, Emily and Richard Gilmore, where they talk, laugh, and occasionally fight. Richard and Emily are extremely rich and fancy people who spoil Rory, but mostly yell at Lorelai. Every morning, Rory and Lorelai go to Luke’s, a diner run by one of their closest Stars Hollow friends, Luke. He has a very short temper and lives in the cramped “apartment” above his diner. Sookie, the chef at Lorelai’s inn, is another one of the Gilmore’s closest friends. She is great at cooking (hence her being a chef), very funny, and pretty nice.

Gilmore Girls stars Lauren Graham as Lorelai, Alexis Bledel as Rory, Scott Patterson as Luke, Melissa McCarthy as Sookie, Kelly Bishop as Emily, and Edward Herrmann as Richard. Also, I have a little warning: most people only watch Gilmore Girls if they have great taste and are completely prepared to see the best thing they will ever see in their entire life! If you aren’t ready, you will be too overwhelmed to enjoy it. Honestly, it’s that amazing!

The actors and actresses in Gilmore Girls really seem to know and understand their characters, and do a very good job at bringing them to life. Every time I watch it, I have a hard time believing that what I’m watching isn’t actually happening, and I’m sure that if you watch, you will understand the feeling. And there’s even a new series of Gilmore Girls that you can watch called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and it is fantastic! The Join the binge-watching fun!






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