December 2016: Student Spotlight – Aubree Whiting (8th)

aubreeBy Claire Pothier

Have you ever met Aubree Whiting? If not, you really should because Aubree is one exciting person! Her favorite family vacation was going to California and she loves the colors blue and maroon. She does tumbling, track, and is currently on the winter cheer team. Aubree also likes to play the guitar and sing. Her favorite holiday is her birthday and Christmas. If she had to rate herself on being clean or messy, she would say she is messy. Aubree’s nickname is Aubs. If she had a choice to either be in the desert with big puffy clothes on, or be in the cold with only a T-shirt and shorts, she would want to be in the desert because she would rather be in the hot weather rather than the cold. If she could move anywhere in the world, Aubree would love to live in the beautiful place of Hawaii. Whiting states, “In 10 years from now, I think that I will be single, just kidding!” Aubree is so amazing and she is so kind. So if you ever see her in the hallways, then go tell her hi!



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