December 2016: Student Spotlight – Ethan Daniels (7th)

By Claire Pothierethan

Ethan Daniels is a 7th grader at this school that loves football and his favorite color is blue. His favorite vacation was going to both Jamaica and Alaska. Ethan sometimes gets called Big E by his family. He would rather be in the cold than in the hot and he always laughs at nice, funny pranks. His favorite holiday is Christmas because of the long break from school and it is nice to relax. Ethan says that he has bad OCD. He always wants everything to be clean and organized. Some fun facts about him is that his mom is the mayor of Gilbert! He plays the air guitar and loves to snowboard. Ethan also likes to stay up late and hang out with his friends outside; but he does not like to get into trouble. Lastly, if he was going to attend to a college right now, he would want to go to BYU. So if you haven’t met Ethan Daniels yet, you should go and meet up with him!

















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