December 2016: World News – Climate Change

By Tristan Andaya

Global warming isn’t a new topic in the world, but lately it has started to bring up some alarming issues. The most common of course, is that sea levels are slowly rising it moves two centimeters in a year but it could eventually have a bigger impact. Diseases that scientists thought were gone could potentially come back. For example, one disease is smallpox. This may be concerning to many people, but there are many little ways we could prevent these huge changes.

According to CNN “Record low sea ice is a surprising turn of events for the Antarctic. The Antarctic has seen a rapid decrease in sea ice over the years.” Today the North Pole’s temperature has gone up 30 degrees in the last ten years.

Another big issue that was unexpected to most scientists, were uncommon illnesses. For example, an Anthrax outbreak occurred in Siberia recently. Anthrax is a bacterial disease normally infecting farm animals. While Anthrax is treatable, in most countries where it is more common they don’t have the modern medicine to treat it. According to Discovery News, “In the 20th century Anthrax killed over one million reindeer in Siberia.The last outbreak since was in 1941.The hypothesis is when the reindeer were buried, the bacteria was refrigerated from the snow and ice. Now that temperatures are rising the soil thawed and released spores all around the Tundra.” This could also mean other illnesses that we have not seen since the 90s could also be released in a similar way to.

Another concerning problem is some people don’t believe in climate change. According to business insider, “More than one quarter of Americans are climate change skeptics. When asked why, the most common response is, they do not notice the change in weather around them.” These skeptics don’t believe even though 97 percent of scientists believe it is. Some U.S. politicians even deny climate change is a real thing. New York Times says, “Anyone who follows U.S. political debates on the environment knows that Republican politicians overwhelmingly oppose climate change.” The concerning part is if some of our leaders and citizens don’t want to address climate change or the problems it could bring in the future. Some simple ways people can prevent it now are conserving water, green power, and planting trees.





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