Reviews – Movies to See

By Tristan Andaya

A Dog’s Purpose (PG)

A Dog’s Purpose is a movie about a dog named Bailey and his journey to find the meaning of his existence. Each time he passes away he awakens as a new breed of dog. His experiences help him learn the true purpose of his life. Some of the cast members includes Dennis Quaid, Britt Robertson, and Jason Gad. This family friendly movie will come into theaters on January 27th.   


The Lego Batman Movie (PG)

One great movie that you could look forward to is the Lego Batman movie. Based off the original Lego Movie, Lego Batman is a fun addition to the popular series. Batman has to learn how to learn how to get rid of his lone vigilante life and try to work together with the people he knows. If you’re a Lego fan then you’ll be sure to enjoy this movie. This movie will be in theaters on February 10th.

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