Student Spotlight -Emmy Rothlisberger (7th)

By Aidan Maes

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESEmmy Rothlisberger is a very unique and amazing seventh grader. Although she is a new Grizzly here, she fits right in at this school. She is always playing soccer outside of the classroom on her team, the Strikers. She has played the magnificent game for eight whole years. After a long, hard game she eats at Chick-Fil-A to fill up her stomach. Whenever Emmy isn’t playing soccer, she is hanging out with her exceptional friends. Her favorite store is Tilly’s because the clothes are really cool and interesting. Another one of the places that she likes to go to is the Soda Shop, mainly because their drinks taste delightful. Everybody has a favorite television show, and it just so happens that hers is The Office, because it is extremely funny and the acting is splendid! Whenever Emmy gets home, she watches tv, eats macaroni (favorite food), and then she does her homework. The class that she likes the most is English and to participate at our lovely school, she might join the track team! Emmy has a very entertaining white golf cart that she rides all of the time, especially when she is with her friends. Overall, Emmy Rothlisberger is one admirable seventh grader and one honorable student.

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