Editorial: Should School Start Later?

By Carter Catado

Many students say that school should start later, but is it really as awesome as it seems? There are many great and terrible things about beginning (and ending) school later, but is it a good thing after all?

First of all, I bet in almost all of your classes there’s those few kids who look like they’re going to pass out right in the middle of a lesson. If we started school later, that problem would be solved. Kids would get more rest and teachers wouldn’t be mad at kids for falling asleep in class.

On the other hand, if we go to school at nine in the morning, then we wouldn’t get out until a little after four in the afternoon! This would mean less time to do homework and other after school activities. Some kids who do sports may have to go straight to their activity from school leaving no time to eat or get ready.

There are many other pros and cons to starting school later. What would you choose?

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