Short Story: Sweet Crimes

By Claire Pothier

“Attention everyone, attention, the Bambay Gang is on the loose.” Penelope Skittle turned off the news to go call Bree Cupcake. Penelope and Bree were best friends! Penelope was the only child and Bree lives with five brothers, so they treat each other like sisters. They called themselves “The Sweeties” because of their last names.

    “Bree!” said Penelope on the phone. “Did you hear about the Bambay gang on the loose?”

    “Yeah!” Bree answered. “We have to catch them!” Penelope and Bree, well “The Sweeties”, loved to figure out crimes. “Meet me at the corner in two!” pronounced Bree. She hung up the phone and ran to the corner right by Penelope’s house. Penelope rushed out of her house with her tan messenger bag right by her side.

      “Hey!” she called out with a huge smile on her face. She pulled out a paper of three people on it and writing on the side. “So there are two boys in the group named Bo Lunar and Cory Osborn.” pointing to two of the pictures. “And there is one girl named Relly Pocket.” pointing to the last picture. Bree bent down to tie her shoe.

    “Okay, so we need to have a plan, but what?” They paste back and forth for what seems like forever.

    “I got it!” Penelope called out. “Come on, we have to go to the Police Station.” They ran to the Police Station as fast as they could. They could hardly wait to get started.

    “Hey girls!” Max, the police officer called to “The Sweeties”, which he has known from all the times they have come to the Police Station.

    “Hey Max, we need your help!” they said together. They looked up at Max as he smiled.

    “So, I was thinking…” Penelope told him the whole plan about catching the Bambay Gang and if there is a way of tracking them down.

    “I don’t know if we can track them down, unless they left their tracking devices on. Us police officers haven’t checked yet!” Max answered back. We opened up his computer. A few moments later, Max opened his eyes wide. “They left them on! I can not believe this! They are heading north to the Cupcake Shop right now!”

    “Thanks Max!” the girls said at the same time as they rushed through the door.

       Finally they got to the shop where they saw people with their hands up and three people stealing all the cupcakes.

    “Got you!” yelled Bree as she bounced through the door. The criminals looked for a few seconds then bolted out the door. “Oh no! They are getting away!” cried Bree.

    “Oh no they won’t.” said officer Max pulling the criminals back in the shop. He had a great big smile with the whole crew behind him.

     “Officer Max!” yelled the two girls giving him a huge hug. “You did it!”

     “No, you girls did!” replied officer Max.

    “Thanks again girls!” the officer said later that night as the girls were leaving the police station.

    “No problem!” answered Bree. “We love to help!”

      There was a long silence as they walked home.

      “Today was a good day.” said Bree. The girls looked at each other with a smile.  

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