7th Grade Registration Information

By Addison Wallace

Registration is coming up! Does everyone know what elective they want to pick? Some options are Life Skills, Chorus, Spanish, Art, Orchestra, Band, Clothing. A few electives you could apply for are Student Council, Newspaper, and Yearbook. Seventh graders are soon going to be Eighth graders! Eighth graders are soon going to be Freshman! Sevvies are now going to be the big dogs, and eighth graders are going to be the small dogs. There are lots of choices to make when going up a grade.

Ms. D. is the teacher for Clothing and Life Skills. Make pajama pants, blankets, and more in Clothing. Did you see everyone with those flour sack babies last semester? That was from Life Skills!

And what about those spectacular concerts put on quarterly by Ms. Wendt and her choir? For those of you that love really seeing the sweet results of hard work, choir might be the right option for you.

Who can make Spanish fun with music, movies, and hilarious projects? That’s Ms. Deltenre. If you take it both your 7th and 8th grade years, you can go into Spanish II in high school.

Are you interested in art or learning how to paint, sculpt, or draw? Then join art and you will find that your skills have improved because of Ms. Bray.

Orchestra and Band are also great options. Ms. Duce and Ms. Moorhead are the teachers of these amazing year-long classes.

Next, comes Yearbook and Newspaper. Yearbook puts out award-winning yearbooks every year. Newspaper gives you great knowledge of what’s going on in the school monthly. For more info about these year-long classes, see Ms. Parsons.

If you like computers, try signing up for Mr. Lwanga’s year-long class. You’ll tackle everything you’ll need to know on a computer for when you’re in high school, college, and in real life!

Last but not least is Student Council. They are the group that puts together everything for spirit weeks and keep this school in control. Ms. Hammond and Ms. Turley are the ones you need to see if you’re interested in being one of our next leaders.

Although all of the electives are great, you can only choose two. Good luck Grizzlies!

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