Editorial: Should Teens be Alone at the Mall After 6pm?

By Emma Tennent

On Friday and Saturday nights, many malls around the country are making teenagers bring the one person they’d rather leave at home: a parent. Malls made a policy called “Parental Escort Policy.” This means that teens under the age of 18 will have to go to the mall with an adult who is 21 years or older. The true reason for this new policy is that there are too many teens that are caught shoplifting or getting into fights. Most malls have made it so after 6pm if a teen is seen by themselves, they are required to provide an ID. If they don’t have an ID, their parents will need to either come join them or come pick them up. Now for the teens that work at the mall, this policy doesn’t apply during their work hours. It is just when you are walking around or hanging out with friends. The malls aren’t doing this because they hate teens, they are doing so it’s safer for the employees. It could also be easier for adults to not have to worry about teens shoplifting or fighting. Does the Parental Escort Policy seem right to you?

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