Editorial: Would it Be Better if We Didn’t Have as Much Homework?

By Roxy Pepper

Not many kids enjoy receiving or doing homework. What would you say if I told you that it would be better if we got little to no homework? Have you ever had more them two hours of homework in one night? I know I have!

When I have too much homework, I find myself getting very stressed and not being able to finish it.  I also have no time to do anything else. Studies show that homework only improves academic progress for children in their last three years of grade school. Which is fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. Out of about 14+ years of school and homework only three of those actually help you improve.

Not only does it not improve our academics but, it also isn’t good for our health either. Too much stress from homework can cause headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and even stomach problems. Aside from these problems too much homework can also cause your grades to slip, due to you not being capable of of finishing the homework and therefore getting points taken off of the assignment.                          

 Although homework can help us sometimes, I think that we would see more improvements and better grades if we gave a little bit of homework in areas needed and not a whole ton that keeps us up at night, gives us stress, and gets us bad grades for it being incomplete.

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