He Said, She Said: Takis vs. Hot Cheetos

By Roxy Pepper

There are many spicy foods, but which do they choose, Takis or Hot Cheetos?


James Grone (7) “Takis are way better because they have a smoother texture and also a cruncy texture. They have a better flavor because of the lime blast that you get while eating it.”


Price Shelley (7) “Lime isn’t my favorite flavor, so I would much rather have Hot Cheetos because theres no lime. Also Takis are too crunchy and fall apart too easily for me.”


Sadie Plewe (7) “I like Takis better, because they have a spicier taste. The Taki also has a smoother texture, which I like more then the bumpy and rough texture that the Hot Cheeto has.”


Michelle Bump (7) “The Hot Cheeto does not have a hole in the middle of it, unlike the Taki. “ I like the shape better then the Hot Cheeto.”

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