Little Known Worldwide Holidays

By Connor Florio

October, November, and December are well known for their holidays and make it seem like there’s nothing to do afterwards – except maybe birthdays. However, there are still other seasonal holidays, besides Valentines and Easter, that you may not have known about.

Starting with spring season holidays, Songkran is a holiday celebrated in Thailand. Spring is supposed to be when the plants are green again and water is somehow bluer than before. With that in mind, the Buddhist’s New Year celebration is a water festival that lasts three days. During these days, there are parades; people throwing water onto each other, and some people will even release fish into rivers to show a form of kindness!

Now, during the time of our summer break, there aren’t really any major holidays. But, all the way over in Scandinavia, swedish civilians are celebrating Midsummer Day. While they decorate spruce trunks, Norway is also celebrating by lighting bonfires along the fjords.

Finally, autumn holidays. Everyone knows about Labor Day. But, did you know that it’s celebrated in 66 different countries? On Labor Day, we all acknowledge the fact that soldiers risk so much to protect the country they love and in return we, the one’s they are protecting, honor them and give them their own special day.

So, from the holidays featured which ones did you not know about? Tell us by going to Contact Us on the Home page!

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