OMG! – Future Folder

By Emma Tennent

Five genius eighth grade boys, Jacob Goude, John Holderfield, Blake Stringfellow, Riley Franceschini, and Caleb Cook, came together and made an app called Future Folder for the Innovation App Challenge. The one most important rule in the app contest was that the app design had to be educational, so that’s exactly what they did. One cool feature about this app is that it keeps you organized. This group of guys had to come up with all the ideas and different features of the Future Folder app by themselves. This app can also help you get prepared for college. One of the features it has is called portfolio. When you click onto the portfolio a screen will pop up that has 7th-12th grade folders, which can hold all of your documents. There is also a checklist that goes through 7th-12th grade as well, providing you with a checklist that will help you prepare for college. Jacob, Caleb, John, Riley, and Blake were going up against 1,800 other entries and they won state fan favorite. They have a chance to win $15,000 for our school and a trip to Orlando, Florida for each of them to develop their app with MIT Engineers. They are now running for the Nationwide Fan Favorite App so to help them win be sure to text FOLDER to 22333.

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