Short Story: The Story of Coco

By Lauren Hutchins

     “Coco? Coco! Where are you?” Grace ran downstairs to her mom, who was reading the book Hatchet for what seemed to be the millionth time. “Did you find her?” she asked, looking up from her book. Grace replied, “No. Where could that dog be?”

      Coco looked around, and saw all the terrifying energy of the city people of Trenton, New Jersey. She spotted a cardboard box across the street. Coco cheerfully barked and stepped onto the burning hot asphalt. Coco squealed and quickly ran to the box. Why did she have to get lost on what was probably the hottest day of summer?

      “I should be laying on Grace’s bed while she pets me, not sleeping in a box on the sidewalk,” Coco thought as her eyes grew heavier and heavier. “Hey, you little mutt!” Coco’s eyes shot open. “Get outta’ here! Go! Shoo!” It was Javier, who was known throughout Trenton for being the most unpleasant homeless man alive. Coco tried to get up and out of the box as fast a she could, but it wasn’t fast enough. “YOW!” Javier had given her tail a whole-hearted stomp. Coco stumbled into the street, and as she did, she heard the roar of an engine growing in noise behind her. The golden retriever whirled around. Javier smiled and laughed an evil laugh. The dark blue Tacoma wouldn’t be able to slow its 60 mph to a stop in time. Coco closed her eyes and braced herself…

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