Sports: Grizzly Sevvie Softball

By Jordan Eulate

The 7th Grade Grizzly Softball team has had a marvelous season so far. They have only lost two games, so they are now 6-2. In other words, they have won six games and only lost two.

The team’s biggest competition is Desert Ridge. Desert Ridge is the only team the Grizzlies have lost to but they will hopefully beat them in the championship!

This team has done amazing this season this year because of their many talented players. Their main pitcher is Selma Wagner, and the main catcher is Jolee Benson. Good thing we have these All Star players that have been playing for at least 5 years. The only thing that has a negative effect of so much softball is that it interferes with school work, A LOT! When asked if softball gets in the way of school work, Selma Wagner states,”Oh. My. Gosh! Yes! Since I also play club softball, I have softball, more softball, plus homework… And that equals craziness!” Other players also gave similar responses to Wagner’s. When Jolee Benson was asked, she said something similar to Wagner’s response. But on top of school softball, club softball, and homework, catcher, Jolee Benson, still manages to play volleyball.

This Grizzly Softball team has many talented players. With those many great players we are very hopeful for a great victory at the championship.

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