Editorial: Is There Gender Bias in Dress Codes?

By Jordyn Carter

Why is it that girls get dress coded more often than boys? Take a second and think of the guys that have been dress coded versus how many girls have been dress coded. Who has been dress coded more? Are they girls or are they boys? If you said girls you will understand this article.

A few months ago I saw multiple guys wearing tank tops. After seeing this I assumed that wearing a tank top was okay. So one day after I wore a thick tank top (same width as what guys were wearing), with a flannel shirt tied around my waist. Not long after, the school day began I was told to put my flannel on. I was upset, not because I was told to cover but because the guys weren’t.

Why is it put on the girl’s shoulders to dress more modestly  so they don’t distract the guys. The boys should learn how not to treat girls like objects.

Why is it that girls have close to no modest clothing options. We try not to break dress code but there is nothing that would fit dress code and to our liking. Don’t believe me?  Go walk into Forever 21, Tillys, American Eagle, Hot Topic, Hollister; basically any teen clothing store. According to schools, shorts are too short,jeans are too ripped,shirts are to low cut. What can we do?! Anything we buy from the store is considered inappropriate. While us girls have to hunt to find an appropriate outfit, the boys can get away with almost anything they want. It shouldn’t be this hard. The schools need to lighten up. I should be allowed to wear a pair of shorts without getting in trouble.

All I am saying is that if the school were to loosen the reigns a little bit and allow girls to wear clothes then we can find clothes that are comfortable, and equal to what the guys can get away with then us girls wouldn’t always be getting dress coded. Do you think we need to change something?

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