Review: MTV’s Scream

By Gentry Maughan

Terror! Comedy! Action! MTV’s Scream is that and so much more. Not only is Scream the best show on Netflix (my own biased opinion), it’s jampacked with plot twists, jump scares, and plenty of screams!

The plot starts at a sleepy town, Lakewood, suddenly struck by murder! Brandon James is held responsible for killing five people while wearing a surgical mask to hide his screwed-up face.

Shoot twenty years into the future with Emma Duval, an average American teenager, who’s unfortunate friend gets murdered by a copycat in the original “Scream” mask. Emma, along with a few of her friends, spends most of season one and two trying to figure out who’s killing all these people.

Sadly, friends and foes together are lost to the grasps of the killer along the way. Whether you’re solving a mystery with Audrey Jensen or ranting about killer logic with Noah Foster, Scream is guaranteed to keep you up at night philosophizing possible murderers and victims alike.

Next time you’re looking at all those show options on Netfilx, make sure to check Scream out. A perfect balance between horror, comedy, and action, MTV’s Scream is sure to keep you entertained.

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