Teacher vs. Student: Talking in Class

By Jordyn Carter

Talking. We do it everyday.It happens so often that students don’t even have to think about it. But we do it so much of it is a big debate on whether it’s good or if it’s bad. Many teachers and students have opinions on the topic.

Starting with a teacher’s opinion, Mrs. Turley (a seventh grade history teacher) said that “There is a time and a place to allow talking.” Student council and English teacher Ms. Hammond stated that “There is a time to talk, but if you talk when it isn’t that time it is disrespectful.”

And some Students may have an opposite opinion. Lauren Hutchins that “I’m really not a fan.”And adding to Lauren’s general opinion is is Donald Woodward. He said, “It’s a great thing if you can get work done, but if you can’t, it is a bad thing.”

What is your opinion, and who do you agree with?

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