Cool Careers: Be A Writer

By Gentry Maughan

If you enjoy writing, English class, and put some thought into your future (unlike most teenagers), you may have thought about becoming a writer.  Although the career path of a novelist can be difficult, having people read your work is worth it. It takes hard work and an open mind to go into this type of freelance job.

Like most occupations, it’s probably a good idea to go to college and get a degree. Some premiere novelist schools include Northwest University, Emory University, and Hamilton College. If you’re not feeling college and you have the skill, try electronically self publishing a book. Although you have to pay for the finance of your writing, it gives you complete control of the production of the book. If you don’t want your name to be published with your work,  you can become a ghostwriter.  The writing says completely anonymous but you don’t get payed much.

As for the salary of a novelist, the average wage is somewhere in the ballpark of $20,356 to 103,944 a year.  Keep in mind that your book would have to be successful to earn this amount of money. Most writers hold a job while composing a story to pay off basic living expenses. Consider how much time you’re willing to give up towards your drafts because time management is a big stress reliever when it comes to being an author. Sometimes being on a timed schedule, especially if you’re signed with an agent, can be a big burden. Remember to take the plot slow and build up your skills as a novelist.

Writing is one of the most diverse jobs out there. It gives ordinary people the chance to create worlds of your imagination and share it with others. Keep working and writing hard and maybe one day, your name will be on a best selling novel.

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