He Said/She Said Follow-Up: Longer Lunch Times

Having a longer lunch time could have a lot of benefits. From experience, I have seen that most students don’t have time to get their food, hang out with friends, or just don’t care to eat because of the short time period. The only downside would be a later release time if the school allowed an extra 10 minutes, but getting out at 3:20 wouldn’t be too bad and there would alo be positive effects.

One reason why we should is because we would have more time to eat and buy our lunch. When the lunch lines gets to long we don’t get enough time to eat, or hang out with our friends once we get our lunch. Plus with more time to eat, it gives students the opportunity to bring in a bigger lunch. If there isn’t enough time to then prepare your lunch the night before and you could have a tastier and healthier lunch. For example a salad or a meal in my opinion would be better than a sandwich and juice box. An extra ten minutes would also allow students to take their time eating instead of rushing and throwing away most of their food.

This could also mean by the time they finish their food, it would make them more productive throughout the day. Unfortunately, state law requires lunch for students to be 30 minutes, but these are a few reasons why we should have a longer lunch period.

By Tristan Andaya


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