Jobs for Teens

Want a few extra dollars in your pocket this summer? Do you want to have some money to spend at the mall this weekend? Maybe you’ve heard that teens can actually have paying jobs? It’s true! ‘Tweens’ and teens ages 12-14 can get fairly decent jobs, that pay pretty well. Although we’re allowed jobs at this age, there are quite a few restrictions as to what we can do.

If you are a twelve year old grizzly, you can’t really get a job at a restaurant for example, but you could get any job around your neighborhood, you could try a babysitting position. Babysitting is an easy way for girls or boys to earn a little money. Another easy way to earn some extra cash is to try private tutoring. If you’re particularly ‘good’ at a certain subject you could try tutoring one of your classmates or neighbors for a small fee. Any person ages 12+ can get a Kohl’s modeling job as well!

For all of you new thirteen year olds, you are almost ready to begin your “real” job search. Until you’re there though, you can try proving your responsibility by babysitting, or pet-sitting for your neighbors, friends, or family. Another job you could try would be neighborhood clean-up services, for example: mowing lawns, planting/watering flowers, or raking leaves.

Real jobs are offered as you near fourteen and fifteen years of age. According to Federal law, fourteen is the minimum age at which teenagers are allowed to work, but they will have limited work hours and types. Though you are allowed to work at this young age, you can only work outside school hours and no more than three hours on a school day. Some companies hiring fourteen year olds are: Ben and Jerry’s, McDonalds, Baskin Robbins, Kohl’s and Chick-fil-A. At restaurants, you are allowed to clean bathrooms, clear tables, wash dishes, take out the trash and do very minor food-handling tasks. What’s the pay for this kind of job? You might be asking yourself this question right about now. Well, you’re not getting ten dollars an hour if that’s what you were hoping for. The pay for a fourteen year old is about $7.25. Not too shabby for a first job! Keep in mind that this might vary between companies.

Even if all of these ideas don’t suit your fancy, I’m sure that there are some other jobs that I missed. If there are any other jobs that teens could try, shoot us an email at  or leave us a comment below. Now, get out there and start your job search.

By Lauren Miller

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