Rules in school. We have them, but why do we have to have them? I’m sure you all know at least one kid who thinks it’s funny to break the rules. Let me assure you, it’s not. The reason why we have rules is to keep people safe, so don’t abuse them.

I asked our Vice Principal, Mr. Lopat, how he felt about the importance of our school rules. He said, “We have school rules to ensure the safety and well-being of every student on our campus.” Mr. Lopat clearly approves of the rules that we have here at GrJhs, but what happens when someone decides to break the rules? Don’t worry, he’s prepared for that. “When students have a lapse in judgement, Mr. Yee or I will issue consequences, and remind the student why we have rules.” Overall, the students here at Greenfield junior do a wonderful job of being respectful to each other, teachers and staff. “This is one of the many reasons why GrJh is the best campus in Gilbert.”

Mr. Lopat didn’t just say this because he is our vice principal, most teachers here on campus agree with him. For example, eighth grade math teacher, Mr. Ludwig, says, “Some rules need to be enforced at school, some not so much.” Ludwig was also asked if our rules on campus are helpful or not, he replied, “Our campus-wide rules are very helpful and it’s a good base to grow from.” Mr. Ludwig is a teacher that is very respectful of the views and comments of his students. This allows his class to be a very open and fun learning environment to be in.

It seems like everyone agrees with the rules that we have on campus here. They make our school a better, safer place to learn and have fun with friends. For all you rule-breakers, you have been warned! If you just follow the rules you should have a great year ahead of you at Greenfield Junior. Keep making our school a better place by setting a good example and making wise choices!

By Lauren Miller

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