Short Story: Another Earth?

For hundreds of years, scientists all over the world have wondered if there is life in outer space. In the year 2166, they found the answer.

A crew of 15 astronauts launched into space, the recently updated Webb telescope helped NASA find a way to confirm Kelper-425, a planet similar to Earth, had the right conditions to support human life. Kelper had almost the same characteristics as Earth, except it was four times the size. The astronauts were planned to launch on July 15 with a space ship appropriately named: Earth Two. On the day of launch NASA prepared the seven, huge fuel rockets carrying 20 tons of rocket fuel. Plus, 50 workers had to make sure that the 1,200 foot rocket ship was operating correctly. Earth Two was a successful launch and had just left Earth’s gravitational pull. The spaceship had to go on autopilot after NASA told them it was clear for the course they were heading. The 15 astronauts had to go into a deep sleep capsule so that their bodies were frozen in time, if they didn’t, the 20 year trip would age them more than they would be. When the capsules woke them up, they arrived on Kelper-425 safely. Then NASA sent the mission they were tasked with. Their mission was to go and find any type of extraterrestrial life. The astronauts journeyed across the strange planet and found magnificent creatures. The creatures seemed much like dinosaurs, but looked far more complex than what scientists have seen. Once they reached Kelper’s ocean, they found that the sea life was much like the reptiles on Earth, and the astronauts also took samples of the planets plants. NASA finally accomplished their mission of finding life in space and so the astronauts were sent back to Earth.

When the astronauts arrived from their voyage, the 40 year trip took a toll on their lives. Everyone they knew were either older or were dead and all 15 missed the chance to see everyone who had grown up. Plus the people they cared about who died, were never able to say goodbye. The 15 became legends, and their mission they accomplished helped future scientists unlock the keys to future technology and the universe. In the year 2220, NASA will send more astronauts for more testing but, it won’t be until 2300 when humans will be living on Kelper-425.

by Tristan Andaya

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