Short Story: Steve the Apple

On one day, Steve the apple was walking down a windy road on a nice breezy day in California. Steve’s lifelong dream was to one day have his image as the face of a huge and successful corporation. As he was walking down the sidewalk, he thought he was all alone, only to find out he wasn’t. Assassins appeared everywhere he looked, all equipped with giant samurai swords. Running as fast as an apple can run, Steve tried to get his way out of this mess, but at this point it was too late. A part of Steve had been sliced out.

In the town newspaper the next day, Steve’s pass was the main headline.

A group of Steve’s friends who were scarred from his death, wanted to pursue his lifelong dream. They reached out to hundreds of companies, but none of them would agree to it. After a solid three years of trying, there were still no investors.

A few years later, a new and upcoming technology company heard about Steve’s story. They made his dreams come true. The name of their company was Apple, and their logo was Steve with a slice out of him and to this day, they are still a successful corporation. The slice taken from Steve became the logo for another company, Samsung. Apple and Samsung made Steve the happiest dead apple ever.

By Carter Catado

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