Staff Spotlight: Ms. Flores

Ms. Flores, one of our seventh and eighth grade social studies teachers, is a talkative and admirable person. Her motivation to work, hard is knowing her success will provide a better future for herself. One of her favorite colors is green, she loves the state of Montana, and one of her favorite books is Emma, by Jane Austen. If she could do whatever she wanted to for a day, it would be to see all her family and/or have a family reunion. One game she enjoys to play is Scrabble. Two of her most favored authors are Jane Austen and C.S. Lewis. On weekends Ms. Flores sometimes goes to an art class and practices painting on canvas. Her favorite teacher when she was in high school was Mrs. Karloff. She treated her students like they were adults and that their opinions matter. She appreciated the fact that Mrs. Karloff was nice and easy to connect with. Ms. Flores really looks up to her father, because he is level-headed and outgoing. These are just two of the many reasons why she admires him. One of her biggest fears, is getting stranded somewhere. She collects colored glass, jars, and vases for a hobby. One of her favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. Last, but not least, her preferred transportation is by car. Ms. Flores tries her best to encourage and help her students. She is bright, kind hearted, and an amazing teacher!

By Nina Barry

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