Student Spotlight: Landon LaMancusa (7th)

Landon LaMancusa, also known as Salty Cracker, or Lando, is your typical 7th grader here at Greenfield Junior High School. He was born in Arizona, but wants to live in California when he is older and make a living as an engineer. Lando is on our school basketball team, and he also plays basketball outside of school. All his grades are A’s, and he is in all honors. When he isn’t in school, Landon plays video games, of course when he isn’t playing basketball. It took Lando a while to choose a hero, but eventually he chose his dad because he is a hard worker. Also, if he had to be stranded on a deserted island, he would bring his friends because at least he would die happily. Landon’s favorite food is any kind of burgers. Although he is not a daredevil, he loves roller coasters. His favorite roller coaster place is, like many others, Disneyland. Landon didn’t go anywhere for Christmas break, but he got a trampoline, clothes, video games, and candy. Speaking of Christmas, it is his favorite holiday because he loves receiving and giving. This great athlete, and even better student, is the reason our school is one of the best schools in Gilbert.

By Addison Wallace

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