Student Spotlight: McKenzie Trillo (8th)

Eighth grader, McKenzie Trillo, is an outstanding junior high student and a fantastic artist! McKenzie is an A+ student here at Greenfield Junior, and her proudest accomplishment is making golden scholars in seventh grade. Miss Trillo takes art class with Ms. Bray and is also involved in the school’s art club. McKenzie says, “My favorite part of art is that I can express my creativity through my projects.” She also loves to do activities that are hands-on in art.

Outside of school, Trillo enjoys spending time with her family and playing with her dogs. Her favorite place to go on the weekend is The Soda Shop. If McKenzie could travel back in time, she would visit the year 2009, to spend more time with her grandpa before he passed away. McKenzie expressed that the person she would want to play her in the movie of her life, would be Kristen Bell. She would pick Kristen Bell because she is inspiring and one of her favorite actresses.

Given the choice between vacationing in Hawaii or Alaska, McKenzie would choose Alaska. “I think the wildlife would be interesting.” She says. If she could only take three things with her on a deserted island, McKenzie would take; her dog, a blanket and a compass. She would take her dog for company and rescue. In ten years McKenzie plans on being in, or having already graduated college, at ASU. She also wants to have a job that allows her to work with animals. In the grand scheme of things, McKenzie Trillo is a spectacular girl with a big heart, and lots of talent!

By Lauren Miller

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