Teacher vs. Student: Longer Lunches

Is a 30 minute lunch too short? Or is it too long? Or is it the perfect amount of time to eat lunch and hang out with friends? Some people believe that half an hour is too short, but most people believe that just 10 minutes would be amazing.

When seventh grader Des McCabe was asked what her opinion on longer lunch time was, she stated,”I think that it is better to have longer lunch times because you get to socialize and make new friends, plus you get a longer time to eat lunch and don’t have to rush.” Avlee Larson, another 7th grader, said something similar to McCabe, except she stated,”It would be better because students could study for upcoming tests, do homework, and be able to enjoy more free time with people they don’t have classes with.” The students both agree that schools should have longer lunches. Do the teachers think lunch is too short? Or will they disagree?

One of our girls PE teachers, Ms. Hamon, partially agreed with Des and Avlee, except she said,”Longer lunch is definitely a good idea because even just an extra five minutes is great for peace and quiet.”

The teachers and the students both agree with longer lunch times. What’s your opinion? Leave a comment below and let us know.

By Jordan Eulate

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