Travel: Visit Hawaii!

By Ashley Foy

If you have never been to Hawaii, you’re missing out big time. It’s warm, sandy beaches, beautiful weather, and fun activities all add up to a wonderful time.

There are a line of hotels along the beach. You’re so close to it you could walk outside and have sand already be between your toes. The ocean water is so clear when you look down, you can see your legs crystal clear. What’s so nice about the ocean is that it has no seaweed to worry about.

Along with the beautiful water, it’s also always warm. Even if you go during the winter, the water will still be warm enough to dive right into the water. Some days it can get a little cloudy and gloomy, but that’s what makes Hawaii even more gorgeous to visit.

It’s always great to have nice weather for fun activities. There is a place in Hawaii called North Shore where you can go swimming with sharks. If you’re not a big fan of sharks, then you can swim with dolphins. Hawaii is also great for hiking the big mountains. Don’t forget about the tour of Pearl Harbor where you get to learn the history of it. There are many other fantastic activities to do in Hawaii.

As you can see, Hawaii has many great things about it. I highly recommend going to Hawaii, especially when you want to relax and take a break under the nice warm sun.

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