Google Easter Eggs

Google. The search engine that can answer all your problems and I’m not talking about finding-the-answers-to-a-worksheet-you-got-in-math-class problems. What I’m talking about is what-is-the-meaning-of-the-universe-and-everything problems. Turns out Google knows more, and can do more than you thought.

In case you didn’t know, Google has quite a few “easter eggs.” Easter eggs are small little add-ons that are meant for the user to find on their own that can be a joke or bonus. Starting with some basic, well-known, Google easter eggs: anti-gravity. At the search bar simply type in “google antigravity” and either the original homepage will show up or a couple links will appear. If links appear, choose the top link or the one by “Mr. Doob.” Once you get to the homepage again all the editions (Google logo, search bar, etc.) will be afloat! Then, there is also the exact opposite, gravity. Search “google gravity,” pick one of the links if they pop up, and all the add-ons of the page will fall to the bottom. Moving on to the easter eggs that will bring you further knowledge.

Now, go to the search bar and type in “what is the meaning of life” you will get a full definition on what life really is. But, if you search “what is the meaning of the universe and everything”. The answer isn’t a definition, but 42. Yes, 42 is the answer to that rather large question. That answer comes from the the book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams, a comedic science-fiction series.

For the next series of easter eggs we have boredom busters! While Google gravity and anti-gravity could fit into this category, there some actual games you can find. Just search pacman and a pacman minigame will appear, free to play! Then there’s my personal favorite, Zerg Rush. When searching Zerg Rush you will get a normal looking page. The twist is, the yellow and red o’s in Google’s logo are “attacking” the links you are given and it’s your job to stop them!

Now that you know what some fun things Google do, try them out! The interactive one’s like gravity and zerg rush are especially joyful. Try them out and also see what other Google easter eggs you can find because there are many more!

By Connor Florio

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