Staff Spotlight: Ricardo Cordova

We’ve all seen him around campus, maybe you’ve talked to him, or maybe he yelled at you to stop running. This individual goes by Ricardo, he is our school’s building manager. Ricardo has been the building manager at our school for two years now and loves working here. “Every day is something different,” he says. He also mentioned how student behavior this year is decent, but the amount of trash and food being left lying about is too much. Also, seventh graders could definitely be more helpful when it comes to cleaning up. He did mention, however, that last year some classes would go out to the courtyard after eighth grade lunch and help pick up trash. It was a great help to Ricardo, but it doesn’t happen as often, because it was a huge sacrifice for those teachers to give up their limited lesson time.

Before working here at Greenfield, Ricardo was a behavior coach and worked with special needs kids and ED students. He said that in that job he was hit and even spit on by the kids he worked with, so he knows how to handle undisciplined children.

When Ricardo was in Junior High, his dream was to be a police or probation officer. I guess, in a way, he sort of made it to the job! Outside of being Greenfield Junior High’s building manager, he is active in many men’s and co-ed softball teams. He also has the wonderful joy of raising an eight year old daughter that he often goes target shooting with.

All in all, Ricardo is an amazing Greenfield Junior High staff member that is active in many different sports outside of the school.

By Connor Florio

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