Editorial: Why You Should NOT Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Chocolates, flowers, and jewels. Oh, gross. Stuffed toys, trinkets, and cards. Please, stop. Valentine’s Day. We all know this holiday and have loved it for many years. In elementary school, we would cut out paper hearts, give them to our friends, and get a ton of candy.

In middle school, it’s just not the same. Sadly, it means so much more. Everything used to be so simple. The night before Valentine’s Day, you would make a box and cut a slot through the top, fill out cards with fun characters on them for your classmates. Maybe you would save a special one for the new kid, Little Timmy, that you had a crush on. Then, the next day, you wear your new frilly, pink dress your mom bought you or the bright red button up shirt you got from your grandmother on Christmas. Then, you would pass out your valentines while the other kids would pass out theirs. You would get heart shaped chocolates and suckers.

But, things in junior high are different. Now, it’s all about how you’re going to impress the boy or girl you want to ask out. You wear the new, cheap cologne or perfume you got from Walmart that the salesman said would have all the ladies/guys wanting you. You buy that one girl chocolates, flowers, and maybe a small pink bear with red hearts rimming the eyes. Yeah, she would love that.

Unfortunately, most girls do. Maybe you’re that one kid that doesn’t have a valentine. Then, you end up having to sit alone while you watch all your other friends, and their valentines make googly eyes and kiss each other all awkward-like.

Valentine’s Day is just one big scam. We shouldn’t have to buy the people we care about gifts just to show them we love them. We should show them through our actions and our words in everyday life. Do you know how much money people wasted on gifts for Valentine’s Day just last year? $19.7 billion! BILLIONS of dollars were wasted on junk that they won’t even remember a year from now. Plus, not many junior high relationships last very long. What happens if the girl/guy you showered with gifts, walked up to you on the 15th and said she was over the whole “dating” thing? Then what do you do? You spent all that time and money on her, just to have her rip your heart out and stomp on it like it was nothing. And you can’t ask for the stuff back because then you look like a jerk.

Buying into this worthless holiday is not worth the time, energy, or money. Also, it makes the people around you not only feel gross, but awkward when you show so much for a person that cares about you about as much as the dirt beneath their feet. So, just don’t do it. Don’t buy into the mushy, gross society. Be different and save yourself from this forever rising oppression.

By Izzy Wittek

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