Spotlight: Mike Fass (8th)

Want a friend that’s easy to talk to? Who will pick you up when you’re down? Then you should definitely shout out to Mike Fass. Mike was born in the beautiful Grand Canyon State on July 28, 2001. His family consists of one mom, one dad, two siblings, and one pet chihuahua. Some of Mike’s favorite things are the color blue, baseball (woohoo!), and pizza from the best pizza parlor we know. You guessed it, Little Caesar’s!

Although he’s not crazy about school (I mean, no one is, really), Mike’s favorite subject and class is English because he has Ms. Daniels and she makes learning 100% more interesting. Even though English is his favorite subject, he enjoys lunch more than anything because he gets to hang out with his friends, and there’s absolutely no homework involved. But, he says he loves it when it’s summer because that means no school and no homework, which is always great. Mike says that Emily Root is probably his go to best friend, because he’s known her for the two years.She’s awesome, and they have a lot in common. His biggest accomplishment is passing 7th grade, because it was a difficult year for him. But, we’ve all been through that before. he states that his number one goal this year is to pass all his classes, so he can finish high school and go to U of A to become a professional baseball player.

When he’s not at school, Mike likes to hang out with his friends and family. But, when he’s not doing that, he likes to snooze. He loves to listen to rap music and his all time favorite song is “Broccoli” by D.R.A.M. If he could travel back in time to anywhere he wanted, Mike would travel back to 1997 so that he could see Michael Jordan play NBA basketball in person. Although, his favorite celebrity is LeBron James because last year, James was voted the best basketball player in the league (his sources are off…). Fass’ biggest inspiration is his dad because if it wasn’t for him, Mike wouldn’t be alive today and he feels very grateful for having a dad that loves and supports his family.

By Izzy Wittek

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