Creative Corner: Poetry

“My Demons”

I walked over to the mirror

and I looked at my reflection

My hands were shaking

My face aglow

I didn’t want to see them

I didn’t want to let them in

I didn’t want them to come

I didn’t want to let go

I cried

and I screamed

But no one heard me

Only my demons

Who wanted to take me

I tried to make them stop

I tried to block them out

But, my demons wouldn’t leave

They were here to stay

and here to haunt me

They wouldn’t let me forget

They filled me with unwanted regret

I kicked

and I punched

I begged

and I plead

But, my demons didn’t let me go

They wanted me dead

I wouldn’t let them get to me

I wouldn’t let them win

Because I knew if they did,

It would be the biggest sin

Now my demons are gone

Don’t ask me how I did it

That’s for you to wonder

and for me to forget


By Izzy Wittek

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