Student Spotlight: Lucy Zaugg (8th)

Do you know Lucy Zaugg? Lucy has many awesome talents and interests. She loves cheer (which she was on the winter cheer team) and travel to many different places. She loves to spend her family vacations going to Coronado, California. She absolutely loves to go to the beach, so if this grizzly could live anywhere, it would be Hawaii. Speaking of Hawaii, Lucy really wants to go to BYU Hawaii for college. Something she will never do again is swim in a shark tank. This student did not like it at all. I mean, swimming with sharks is really scary! Zaugg’s favorite fast food restaurant is In-N-Out, which she absolutely adores! When this young lady grows up, she wants to be a hairstylist. Her favorite animal is the dull gray elephant and her favorite subject is math. Lucy has a hard time choosing if she likes snowboarding or surfing better. So, this amazing person said that if the water is warm she likes to surf and if the water is cold she would rather be snowboarding. If Zaugg could rate herself on how funny she is, she would say she is a ten. Overall, Lucy Zaugg is hilarious, nice, and always happy. If you have never met her, I would recommend you do.

by Claire Pothier

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