Spotlight: Paloma Tribble (7th)

Paloma Tribble is on our Grizzly spring cheer squad, and recently performed at the Blackout Game. She first joined cheer when she was seven years old, but after a few years she quit and did dance. That’s until she rejoined last year. If she had to choose then she would have to say her favorite part is the people. Sure she likes jumping and kicking but she mostly loves the people. She has met some of her closest friends through cheer. The only difficult part is that it is very time consuming. It is hard to find time to  go and hangout with friends. While she was spending her time at cheer practice, she  found things that she is truly passionate in and outside of the gym. Overall, she says cheer brings people together as a family. When she isn’t at practice, she is singing. She even has gigs! She is a very talented singer and she posts videos of herself playing her Ukulele, which she will be performing in the upcoming talent show. Balancing school, cheer, and her singing career is hard, but she is still an exemplary student. When Paloma grows up she wants be a counselor . Her hero and the person who knows her best is her mom.  Paloma loves curly fries, in fact they are her favorite food. She eats them so often her friends now hate the smell of curly fries.

By Jordyn Carter

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