Short Story: TM & BM

It all started when two friends went to a house to play. Their names were Tina Maverick and Bianca Miller. They thought of something really fun to do. At the same time they said, “Lets go on an adventure!”

The plan was to write a note to their friend Derek, without him knowing it was them. To achieve that, they had to dress up to disguise themselves. They put on ninja suits, and hopped on their bikes.

As they were approaching to their destination, they found the perfect place to put their bikes, so Derek wouldn’t recognize them. They hopped on their bikes and headed to Derek’s door. First, Tina set down the anonomys note and Bianca rang the doorbell. Right when the doorbell rang, they both sprinted. As they were passing the garage, Derek’s mom was walking out. They quickly ran back to the bikes that were hiding behind the wall. Bianca tripped over herself and tumbled down the grassy hill next to Derek’s house. When she stood up, she felt a sting on her cheek. The next thing she knew, there was a wasp in her face mask.

Both Bianca and Tina got their act together and headed back to Bianca’s house. After two hours, Tina said that she had to go home to babysit her younger brother. To this day forward, this legend is known as TM & BM.

By Ashley Foy

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