Teacher vs. Student: Should We Get Rid of 8th Hour?

We have all asked ourselves, should we get rid of 8th hour? Well a few students and teachers have answered that question in their own opinion.

Shade Kerr in 7th grade says, “Yes, because when kids have sports and have to miss games they could get kicked off the team from missing too many practices.” But Ms. Gibbson says, “No, because students need to have a consequence for not turning in homework so that they don’t do it again.” So if a student doesn’t do their homework they will get a bad grade, and teachers try their best to have their students succeed.

Savannah Brimhall has a different opinion about getting rid of 8th hour or not. She says, “Yes, I think we should, because I feel like 8th hour doesn’t affect students. They will still not do their homework. Students also tend to fill in random answers so they can avoid 8th hour, and that will make students’ grade go down.” Mr. Allred’s opinion is, “No, I don’t think we should get rid of 8th hour because I think it’s a good way to study and help them with homework during 8th hour.” As an example, if a student doesn’t do their homework because they didn’t get how to do the question, but doesn’t come in before class or during lunch, then he can help them with the question.

There are many reason why we shouldn’t or should keep 8th hour, but it’s not up to us -it’s up to the district.

By Ashley Foy

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