Changes to Major League Baseball Rules May Alter Its History

Major League Baseball administrators are working on new ways to keep the game original, but keep the game moving. The three reasons are less commercials, less pitching changes, and batters staying in the box. These ideas will speed up the game but for these changes keep it the same. Baseball is still a 9 inning game,and in 1839 one of the greatest sports in history was created. This sport has been played for many years, and has had many different changes to the game. As years past, the game has got longer and fans are dropping, but changing the game it will lose the game to shorten for example it will loose the original history.

To start of baseball is a game of 9 innings. The started innings can go quickly or they can be long if the batter fouls 4 or 5 pitches off. Baseball is game dating all the way back to 1839. It has had many historical events and famous players, such as the first African American player Jackie Robinson.

There are fans and people around the world complaining about the long major league games. Commercials can take up to 2 minutes so, the players on the field have to wait for the commercials breaks to be done to from to start the next inning. If they shortened these pause in the game it would make it go a little faster.

Baseball is still a 9 inning game which is long, and people can’t control how it already. Do you prefer the original game or a shortened version.

By Collin Frarer

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