Not All News Is Bad News…

The robberies, the car chases, the murders. These are all common topics on the news every day. News reporters seem to forget about all the positive things in the world. When will they understand that the world isn’t all dark. The light was shown through a six-year-old from Massachusetts. The little boy battling a rare cancer lived his dream of becoming a police chief. The city’s police department let him live his dream for a day. It’s those little things that everyone forgets about.

There’s also inspirational stories. A story where a donkey fell into a deep hole. The man couldn’t get the donkey out, so he decided to bury it alive. Every time the man would put dirt in the hole the donkey would shake to off and step up. By the end of the night the donkey was out of the hole. The lesson is to shake off your problems and learn from them.

The last kind of news that no one reports about are the funny stories. For example, a woman got arrested for blasting Ed Sheeran’s songs repeatedly. The world needs to be reminded of all the good things. The reason why everyone thinks the world is so bad is because everything we hear about is focused on the negatives in life. If we focused a little more on the brighter side of things, maybe people wouldn’t be as scared. We get so much negativity jammed into our heads these days that seeing a funny or inspirational news story might just make your day. We need to focus more on all of the wonderful opportunities we have in this world and less on the negative news stories of yesterday.

By Emma Tennent

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