Student Spotlight: Dawson Dray (8th)

Dawson Dray is an 8th grade, 14 year old student at Greenfield Jr. High. He has a great sense of humor that everyone loves. His personality never fails to make everyone around him laugh, and he always entertains people.

His favorite animal is a turtle, but he owns a dog. In his spare time, Dawson enjoys hanging out with friends and riding his motorcycle. Their favorite place to go with his friends to Circle K to get a drink. As a student at Greenfield, his favorite subject is math, and he also loves to learn it. After he returns home from school, he prefers to eat his favorite snack, which is Oreos or sushi (favorite food). Either that, or he reaches for his favorite drink, chocolate milk. Dawson loves to participate in school sports and show school spirit by playing on the Grizzly basketball team for both his 7th and 8th grade year at Greenfield. He has a great style and his favorite brands to wear are, Vans for shoes or Billabong for his clothes. Dawson’s favorite word to say is “the.”

He is a fun and energetic kid, who is overall a good friend and a good person.

By Roxy Pepper

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