Student Spotlight: Luke Dotson (7th)

Luke Dotson is a great kid to be around. He is a leader and is always helping out. He has a passion for playing baseball and has been playing the sport since the age of 4. He made the 2016-2017 school baseball team as number 7. In his free time Luke is in the backyard hitting baseballs or staying active. When playing baseball, this grizzly likes to pitch or play in the outfield.

Luke has an appetite for mexican food, and he prefers the color red. Without a doubt, his favorite movies are the series, Star Wars. He says that it is one of the best movies made. Luke’s favorite clothing brand is Nike and his favorite shoe brand is Vans.

Luke looks up to and is inspired by one of the most famous known baseball players, Babe Ruth because the way he played baseball made him want to play. One of Luke’s biggest fears is getting hit by a baseball. If he described himself in one word it would be athletic, and if he could have any snack in the world it would be Lay’s chips. Luke Dotson is an all around amazing person to be around, and to become friends with. So make sure to catch him around at lunch or heading to your next class.

By Collin Frarer

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